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Herding sheep (or cats)!

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Bah, ram ewe…

A new-look website for has been long overdue. But now Rob’s beavering away under the bonnet making sure our databases are in tip top condition and that the e-commerce part of our operation is ready to take your card details in a millisecond!

And Matt’s burning the midnight oil on the bits that everybody sees – the graphics. Here’s a preview of the image that will go with our team-building training. Am I alone in thinking the dog is cute? He needs a name. So too the owl in the redesigned logo. Suggestions on a postcard. Or rather in the comments box below.

Woof, woof. (Or should that be t’wit t’woo)?


2 thoughts on “Herding sheep (or cats)!

  1. Mud or Bud are winning the vote at the moment. Pedro sounds too much like a Chelsea player.

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