Media relations

We offer a range of courses to help you get the most out of your dealings with the media whether you’re appearing on radio or television, in print or online, live or pre-recorded.

Our staying in control of the message workshop was the first course we delivered when we started ACM Training more than 20 years ago and it’s still just as popular today although naturally it’s evolved to reflect the dramatic changes there have been in the media landscape such as the social web and 24 hour rolling news channels.

We’re highly experienced at helping organisations handle the media in both good times and bad and our client list reflects this. We train the emergency services, universities, the NHS, government departments and local authorities in crisis communications and regularly contribute to multi-agency emergency planning exercises by providing highly realistic simulated broadcast and social media input through our service.

And we’re just as keen to help smaller organisations – particularly in the voluntary sector – craft perfect press releases to spread the good news or draw up media strategies to help boost their financial and/or social capital.

Our more popular media relations workshops are run publicly (that is open to all comers) at venues across the UK. Others are are offered on demand and we ask you to add your name to a waiting list. All are available for in-house delivery which is cost effective if you’ve got more than a few people who need training with the added advantage that course content can be tailored to your specific organisational needs.