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Why content is king(er) than ever!

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Good quality content – and plenty of it – has always been the single most important part of any social media strategy. How else can you be genuinely “likeable” on Facebook and elsewhere and get followers who stick with you so that your organisation gets the visibility it needs to “sell” whatever it’s selling?

And now content is more important than ever before: “King-er,” to misquote Bill Gates. Why? Because liking a page on Facebook is no guarantee that you’ll see all that the page posts on your own timeline. For a while now you’ve got to like that page and tick the “get notifications” option.

Picture of Facebook's get notifications option
Why your followers must click like and get notifications

And what’s going to persuade your followers to take both of those crucial steps rather than just the first? Good quality content. If you’re posting stuff that’s useful to them in some way then they’ll genuinely want to see it on their timeline. If your content isn’t useful to them they won’t want it cluttering up their timeline. Simple as that!

So why did Facebook add the “get notifications” option in the first place? Because if it didn’t our news feeds would be jam packed with stuff we weren’t really interested in. Zuckerberg and his buddies are constantly tweaking the news feed algorithm that determines what we do and don’t see. And forget trying to outwit it. The only – and I mean the only – way to get seen is to post good stuff. Which means building content creation into your daily schedule.

Of course there’s a bit more to it than that. Determining the best time of the day or night to post, for example. But that’s another subject for another day.