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Here are the blogs that I’m reading at the moment. I’m not going to call it my Top 10 (not least because there are 13 on the list right now) because the selection isn’t about excellence or enjoyment or, for that matter, an endorsement of the content. I’ve chosen them more as a representative cross section from the sectors most represented by delegates who attend our blogging workshops.

It’s a dynamic list in that I add links when I stumble across something interesting or instructive and tend to remove others that I find myself reading less often. This helps keep the list to a manageable size. There’s really no point trying to follow 20 or more blogs simultaneously because there’s then no time to write your own posts! And by all means send me your suggestions in the comments or by email.

I recommend you start your own rolling list based on your sector (if it’s a work blog) or personal interests (if it’s a personal blog).

Happy reading!

  1. Posts by the founder of copyblogger blog site (US).
  2. The famous Guido Fawkes political blog (UK).
  3. Another political blog, this one founded by Tim Montgomery (UK).
  4. A blog about blogging (AUS).
  5. All about photography (UK/US).
  6. Way out of my sartorial league, a fashion blog by Victoria (UK).
  7. A travel blog that has loads of (potentially annoying) adverts bit demonstrates how external advertisers can help generate an income stream for bloggers (UK).
  8. Auntie’s good food blog to show how organisations with a big budget can do it (UK).
  9. From the local government information unit (UK).
  10. The official blog of the Institute for Local Government studies at the University of Birmingham (UK).
  11. Cancer Research UK’s science blog (UK).
  12. Another charity sector blog, this one from the British Red Cross (UK).
  13. I know, I know – thoughts on pushbikes, poetry and prose from yours truly!

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