“The Owl Service” – ACM Training’s webinar

It’s live so it’ll be a “hoot” if nothing else.

The idea of our weekly webinar is that while it certainly isn’t business as usual, there’s no reason why working from home, social distancing and self isolation should mean that it can’t be training as usual – or, at the very least, training as normal as possible.

Richard Uridge, co-founder ACM Training and webinar host

So each Friday from 11am UK time, ACM Training will be streaming live on YouTube to keep in touch with our thousands of clients old, new and prospective. We’re going to be answering your questions, hosting discussions and, of course, offering bite-sized training sessions and advice on everything from presentation skills, through media relations and crisis communications to dealing difficult people and managing difficult teams.

It’ll be fun, it’ll be freewheeling but most of all it’ll be informative. Think of it as professional development for our times.

This Friday and every Friday at 1100 GMT https://www.youtube.com/user/acmtraining/

Ask your questions live during the stream or beforehand via the channel discussion tab or send them to asktheowls@acmtraining.co.uk

The Owl Service trailer.

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