Speak Easier – our downloadable book on how to be a perfect presenter


Learn how to become a better presenter. Read this if your legs turn to jelly at the very thought of standing up in front of an audience, or sitting down before a webcam. Read this if you want to deliver creative, engaging, memorable and, above all, effective presentations.

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Packed full of brilliant advice and amazing insight this book will show you how to become the perfect presenter. What? Nobody’s perfect! Okay, great then. And certainly much better than you are at the moment. Written by ACM Training’s communications coach, Richard Uridge, it’ll lead you through what he calls the six steps to success.

  1. Purpose – what you want your presentation to achieve.
  2. Audience –  who you need to achieve it with.
  3. Context – the physical and intellectual “space” you and your audience are in.
  4. Content – what you need to tell the audience.
  5. Structure – the order you tell them.
  6. Style – the way you tell ‘em.

Want to try before you buy? Preview the opening chapter.

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  1. Rich (store manager)

    Brilliant book!

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