Presentation skills | a one-day training course

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Presentation skills training. Learn how to become a better presenter and public speaker.

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In this one day, face-to-face workshop you’ll learn how to be a better presenter by following the trainer’s six step plan:

  1. Purpose – what you want your presentation to achieve.
  2. Audience –  who you need to achieve it with.
  3. Context – the physical and intellectual “space” you and your audience are in.
  4. Content – what you need to tell the audience.
  5. Structure – the order you tell them.
  6. Style – the way you tell ‘em.

We’ll also be exploring how to cope with nerves, playing your voice like a musical instrument for maximum impact and choreographing your movements so that body language and spoken language work together.

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10am – 4pm


Richard Uridge

Date and venue

15/11/2019 London


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