Managing difficult teams | a one-day training course

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Managing difficult teams training

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This practical and effective one-day course is aimed at those who are managing awkward or dysfunctional teams [and unfortunately, it only takes one disruptive or difficult person to create dysfunction in a team]. It can simply take one difficult team member, or someone who displays challenging behaviour, for a team to stop performing and lead to low productivity. If you are managing a difficult team, which will ultimately reflect badly on you, then this course is an ideal way in which to learn how to turn things around.


By the end of the course, through group work, practical activities, discussion and debate, delegates should be able to:

  • Evaluate the current team structure and implement changes if required.
  • Appreciate how your management and leadership style impacts on the team and its performance.
  • Identify the external and internal factors that affect team performance.
  • Examine the current conflicts within the team and identify escalation points.
  • Identify who holds the real power and influence in your team.
  • Utilise popular mediation skills to help team members resolve their conflicts.
  • Understand the developmental stages that groups go through.
  • Recognise the different personality traits within the team and learn how to encourage team members to work productively with other members who have different norms.
  • Appreciate the importance of being assertive with team members, without fearing that you are being seen as aggressive.
  • Practice saying ‘no’ to unreasonable requests and recognise the negative impact of over promising.
  • Manage individual and group expectations.
  • Understand how to motivate team members to modify their behaviour for the good of the group.
  • Deal with the impact of change on your group and how to facilitate change in a positive way.
  • Encourage a new team culture that produces best performance.
  • Manage stress within the team, especially that related to difficult colleagues, appropriately, recognising the causes, reactions and how team members can cope.


Sandy Keating leads this workshop. She’s an energetic and knowledgeable trainer, with a wealth of practical experience coupled with a strong theoretical background. And her teams are never difficult. We wouldn’t dare be!


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In house

This workshop is available for in-house delivery which is cost effective if you’ve got more than a few people who need training with the added advantage that course content can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. Contact the trainer to discuss your requirements.

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10.30am – 4pm


Sandy Keating

Date and venue

08/07/2020 Manchester


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